Metrorail Information Session Hosted by ARCH Tonight

Our neighbor, Bob Riedel (2030 SNW) is President of the ARCH Association and asked that we let Swans Neck Way Residents know that tonight, Thursday,Jan. 26, from 7-9pm there will be  an information update regarding the Metro.  This meeting is sponsored by the Reston Museum and will be held at the LAKE ANNE, RESTON COMMUNITY CENTER IN THE ROSE GALLERY  (this is not the Reston Community Center in Hunters Woods). The scheduled presenters are: Patty Nicoson, President of the Dulles Corridor Rail Association; an d Maggie Parker, Communications Director of Comstock Partners (builders of the Reston Station parking garage and surrounding office and residential development)  They will also update us on plans and timetables for residential and commercial development around the new Reston Station.

Admission is Free.

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