Cluster Design Standards

Most exterior changes to your home require approval by the Reston Association Design Review Board (DRB).  In most cases, the DRB will refer to the current set of cluster design standards in making its decision.  The standards address items such as paint colors, windows, decks, lighting fixtures, and so on.  To facilitate the design approval process for you, the link below contains cluster standards as of the date indicated.

Walden_Cluster_Design_Standards (25 August 2021)

The cluster design standards have been worked out in collaboration with the DRB.  The standards continue to evolve and, in some cases, it may be difficult to adhere to the standards (if, for example, a particular brand is no longer manufactured).  If you believe a change should be made to the cluster standards, please work with the cluster board.  If the cluster board approves, then the standard will also need to be approved by the DRB.

IMPORTANT: The DRB is the final arbiter for approving or rejecting design changes.  Prior to making a change to the exterior of your home, please ensure that you have DRB approval.  Not doing so can be very costly, as the DRB may require that you remove construction that it disapproves.

The Walden Cluster web page contains links to the DRB application as well as to the Reston Association site.  Please familiarize yourself with the DRB rules and guidance.  Your DRB application must also be signed by a Walden Cluster board member.

Web Site Content for Reference Purposes Only – Contact Walden Cluster Association for Current Official Documentation

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